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Felted Tea Cozy

This morning, I decided to get a pedicure and knit at the same time (I love to combine favorite activities!) As the woman was working on my feet I worked on the felted tea cozy I am making from the yarn that was Sonnet. A woman who was having her nails done asked me what I was making. “A tea cozy,” I said, hoping I wouldn’t have to explain. I did tell her that it would be felted later. The woman did know what a tea cozy was due to having a British mother, but asked me about the felting process. I told her I hadn’t done it yet, but that it would require washing in hot water in the washing machine to shrink and felt it. Several minutes later, I accidentally dropped the ball of yarn in the pedicure tub of water! “Quick! It’s gonna start to felt!” the other woman cried. I like my life.



  lomester wrote @

I am so glad you did both!! I am so jealous…

  yarnmaniac wrote @

But I bet you wouldn’t drop your yarn in the water!

  Theresa wrote @

Knitting while gettitng a pedicure sounds fabulous. I’ll have to try that sometime. I probably would drop mine in the water too.

  yarnmaniac wrote @

Maybe you’re not initiated until you drop the yarn in the water…?

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