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What a Day!

Well, yesterday was quite a day. Amelia experienced her first pony ride and (as you can see) she loved it. It made Mommy and Daddy happy, too!

Mommy had caught wind that Yarns International was closing and everything was on sale. So, when the horsewoman (equestrienne?) was napping, Mommy high-tailed it to the LYS! Here, you can see the loot: turquoise Filatura di Crosa 501, green FdC Primo, lilac and white Classic Elite Provence, pink CE Lush, blue Jaeger Trinity, brown Nature’s Pallette sock yarn, a ball of soft pink Nashua Creative Focus, two tape measures, a pair of mittens, two lavender sachets, plus several books–Barbara Walker’s From the Top Down, The Pleasure of Knitting, Vogue on the Go’s Kid Knits and Weekend Knits, and several magazines. Quite a nice haul; my stash bloomith. Fellow bloggers will notice this yarnaholic has not even pretended to sign up for Summer o’ Stash. Why would she? And why does she refer to herself in the third person? Perhaps she’s high on yarn.



  lomester wrote @

How long did it take you to get there? I so want to go…

  trek wrote @

When my Neatnik took her first pony ride, she cried – when I tried to take her OFF the pony after the ride was done.

  Elizabeth wrote @

Amelia looks so happy sitting on the pony. She’s a cutie, and I’m sure she makes you very happy as well!

  Ginny wrote @

That is the best kind of high!

What an awesome bunch of yarn, and what a cute kid on the pony!

  knitting by Steph wrote @

Ah! A budding horsewoman! My 3 year old son loves horses, and riding them. Wow, sounds like you got some great yarn!

  yarnmaniac wrote @

Yes, two kinds of highs: procuring yarn and watching your kid have fun!


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