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Fewer UFOs Flying Out There

I finally finished the Sweet Pea Cardigan and I think it’s pretty, if I do say so myself!

I am making some more socks with Koigu PPPM for my friend, Claire W. (I have two friends named Claire) who has the tiny feet, so this may be the first pair of socks that have actually fit her in a long time. Being a chilly 100 degrees out there right now makes me wonder if there will ever be a need for cozy wool socks ever again, but they sure are fun to knit.

Amelia has, in the past two weeks, changed from a cute, sweet and funny toddler to the Linda Blair character from the Exorcist movies (I guess I am dating myself here). She refuses to let me hug and kiss her, wants to leave the house naked in the morning, and the least little thing will set her flying into a mega-tantrum. While the therapist part of me knows this is necessary and temporary– blah blah blah, the mother part of me is riled up with all sorts of issues. It’s hard not to imagine she actually prefers dh since she hugged him and said “I love you, Daddy,” for the first time recently with nary a nod to the Mommy Witch over there. I knew parenting would be challenging at times, but I didn’t know it would be so sad.


  lomester wrote @



Can you meet up fri for lunch?

  lomester wrote @


Just kidding.

Very very cute! I hope my best friend has a little girl so I can do stuff like that!

  yarnmaniac wrote @

She’s having a tantrum right now because dh made her brush her teeth!

  kimberly wrote @

That is an adorable sweater!!

  yarnmaniac wrote @

Thanks, Kimberly!

  Anonymous wrote @

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Here are some links that I believe will be interested

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  Roby wrote @

It’s a joy to find somoene who can think like that

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