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Lookie, Lookie, I’m Graphified!!!!

Surprise! I’ve been secretly working on this for awhile, but I am now officially sporting a wonderful banner and button, designed by the talented Karen of Musings of a Mostly Self-Taught Knitter fame. She helps the codally-challenged like myself add cool things to their blogs! I admit I did help with the conceptualization work since the obvious couch was already taken by another client of Karen’s.

Mommy news: I spent hours and hours (well, maybe one hour) applying gorgeous flower fairies to my daughter’s wall on Saturday only to find some of them (the ones she could reach) in her drawer today! I told her that made me sad, to which she replied, “Don’t be sad, it’s not your fault! I happy!” What a kid. Luckily I know not to take it personally, she just did it because she could (I think).

My fabulous personal trainer, Linda, gave me a Border’s gift card yesterday! Well, of course, I ran off and spent it ASAP. I scored 101 One Skein Wonders. A terrific book! Love the huge amount of patterns! Then, however, I get delusional about the amount of gifts I can complete before the holidays. I did start the Wavy Hat from the book. Here is a photo.



  Karen wrote @

Hurrah, I’m glad my instructions helped you get your banner up! It looks great in it’s new home, and you were a plesure to work with. I love the story about your daughter – I agree, I don’t think you should take it personally. 🙂 Christmas knitting?? I guess it is about that time, huh?

  yarnmaniac wrote @

You were a pleasure to work with, too, Karen! Keep in touch!

  lomester wrote @

Great banner!! I have to start my Christmas knitting too 😦

  Shugahface wrote @

Great banner! I have been trying to figure out how to do that with my blog…seems like you have some connections…
Aww your little girl is so sweet – I happy! indeed.
It’s a shame about the flower fairies but she clearly has a plan in mind.
The book sounds great – don’t overdo it with the gift knitting, X-Mas shouldn’t be stressful! (right?)

  yarnmaniac wrote @

Sigh. I know. I am trying to find a balance between being productive and not getting stressed.

  Giantsknitter wrote @

Wow! I made a Clapotis out of the same yarn right down to the colorway! Isn’t soft and squishy?!

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