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Some FOs

I’m attaching some pictures of the latest FOs: For me, the tea cozy from Last Minute Knitted Gifts (yarn is Paton’s Classic Merino), For gifts, the Wavy Hat from the new book 101 One Skein Wonders (crocheted in Paton’s SWS-Soy Wool Stripes),

a pair of mittens using the Budd Knitter’s Handy Patterns book in another color of SWS,

and my lone Broadripple sock using Elann Esprit (imitation Fixation). This colorway of the Esprit looks quite similar to the SWS pinks so I may make them a set. I am working on that other sock now.

The Einstein coat is one big rectangle right now which will comprise the bottom half of the coat when it is long enough to go around my tush. Knitting this part seems to take forever, but I think when this section is done it will go more quickly. Cats do think it is a blanket I am making just for them, and it is a warm one, at that. There have been days where it is still too warm to work on a wool/alpaca coat with 2 cats on it because I ROAST. I do want to find some super-cool buttons for this coat. Any suggestions, folks?

My SP9 sent me some Cha-Cha, one of the sock yarns exclusively for SP9 participants. Yay! Love this. Thanks, SP9 (alias Shugahface)!


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  Shugahface wrote @

Oh YAY! I was hoping you would get it soon. There is more coming. I have been a little sick and a little overworked so haven’t sent off my own package – I love that you can send things directly to your SP online.
I am glad that you like the ChaCha. Susie’s yarns are great.
Your sock looks so big when Amelia is holding it!
As for buttons – I will try to remember whose blog has direct links to some really great button sites – oh. Hmmmm…a little bit of homework for me.
Cats claiming your knitting eh? I have had that before.
I actually made a humongous mistake filled lace blanket when I first started knitting again about 8 years ago. I remember that it was a useful winter knit as it kept me warm on the couch while I worked.
Somehow my dog found it and she was always tugging at it so we brought it out and it has become hers. The dog is only 5 and when I got her she caused me to knit again – little doggy sweaters so the snow wouldn’t clump to her belly.
The wavy hat is very cool – how is the Soy Wool to work with? I am curious about it. Talk about a useful plant that soy (or useful bean).
Well perhaps I have gone on long enough!

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