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Why Do My Flowers Keep Disappearing?

Okay, I know I don’t garden all that often. I get the urge maybe 2-3x a year. Plus, we just have a little front yard the size of a postage stamp. Still, when I decide to plant some flowers, I really like to see them thrive and brighten up our tiny corner of the earth. Amelia likes them, too.

I became aware that something or someone was eating the flowers I planted, and we have found the culprit. He sure is cute…so I hope the flowers were tasty.



  Miss Scarlett wrote @

Oh my goodness – that is too cute for words!
It is hard to begrudge the flowers to such a sweet little bunny – and a wild one at that.

  robin wrote @

Yeah, the bunnies were having a smorgasbord with my tulip bulbs earlier this season – I know the feeling!

  Flowers wrote @

Nice blog on the great cause of saving the nature and natural beauty. Your motive is appreciated,

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