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Fitted Knits KAL

I was excited to find this KAL today and immediately signed up. I have almost finished 3 projects from this awesome book, soon to start at least 2 more. I have never wanted to complete so many projects from one book before. They are all doable, too. I love that they are all top-down constructed (that means not much seaming, great for the sewing-impaired like me). It is fun to see what others are doing with the patterns, what yarns they are using if they are substituting, etc. I, like so many others, find it challenging to envision pieces in colors other than what they are pictured in, so it is good to see what patterns look like when people make them in other colors. Also, and I hope nobody gets offended by this, I like to see what real people look like in the garments as opposed to the skinny models in the book. That will give me a better idea of how the sweater might look on me (I will never look like a model).

Off to knit!


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  robin wrote @

I also find it really helpful to see garments on real people of varying body types – it is amazing how different people can wear a garment different ways but all wear it well!

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