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HBTM (Happy Birthday to Me)

Yesterday. The Cold Stone Creamery Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate ice cream cake. Amelia said, “This is the yummiest cake I ever eated.” he he. It is almost too much chocolate. Almost, I said.

Today, I got several knitting books I ordered on Amazon from a gift certificate from BIL Mark.
Must have knitting books, as many as possible. Even more when someone else is paying for them.

I also got a package from my Knitter’s Tea Swap 3 partner yesterday. Lots of great stuff, but my faves are the really pretty sock yarn and a cute pink teapot for one. It has gone to the office. Oh, and more chocolate. Aww!

I won the drawing on the Fitted Knits KAL! The prize came today, it is a $40 gift certificate for Webs. Shopping!!!!! Whoo hoo!!




  Diane wrote @

Happy Belated Birthday. Your cake and goodies look great! Hope it was a fun day.

  Isabelle aka Tricotine wrote @

Happy belated birthday! 🙂

And CONGRATULATIONS on the drawing!

  Isabelle aka Tricotine wrote @

I have nominated you in my blog, because I think you rock! 🙂

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