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Knitting Standstill

I have so many projects in the works and they are all having problems! Did I unravel someone’s knitting in a past life? I dunno. Here’s the lineup:

  • Central Park Hoodie– It appears to be too small because the cables and ribbing make it squinch up (squinch being the technical term). I have to figure out if the resulting piece will be squinched or not.
  • Child’s Fairisle–The back looks great but I started the front piece and there is a mistake in the colorwork so I have to figure out what went wrong and undo it.
  • Seamingly Simple Vest–I have to untangle the second skein of yarn before continuing. Dh usually helps.
  • Chevron Scarf–zzzzzzzzzzz. Just bored.
  • Tess–OMG, I wanted badly to make this. I swatched, etc. Now, it just looks terrible. It is hard to tell if it will continue to look terrible or not. I don’t want to waste a lot of time if it will still look terrible. Ya know?
  • Shawl Collar Sweater–Got so bored with it I put it away. Will probably frog and make something for Amelia.
  • Cobblestone–I have to figure out why it got so darned huge and then restart it. Oy.
  • Spring Pearls Afghan–Was going along fine, but now I am one bobble short and have to squeeze one in there unless I want to undo the entire panel.

The plan:

Work on the vest until my brain recovers, then perhaps do a small project for FCS3 pal and then reassess.

At least the blog looks good! Knitting



  Jennifer wrote @

Yep, the blog looks great!

  Emily wrote @

I hate when all my projects go haywire at the same time. I recommend a super simple fast project that’s guaranteed to work out well, just to get things back on track!

  Lisa wrote @

I understand when good projects go bad. I have 13 UFO’s at the moment. Three are about to go to the frog pond and the yarn will be used for something else. Then, I have promised to finish at least one UFO on between each new project…..

  yarnmaniac wrote @

So glad I’m not the only one! You can tend to think there is something wrong with you.

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