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A New Year of Knitting

I have been spending this weekend getting a decent start on Oblique, by Veronik Avery. I am very much in love with this cardigan, and with the yarn I chose as well. I am using Cascade Eco + wool, a very economical but appropriate choice for this pattern. After a rocky start, the lace is going smoothly. I resolve to make this fit properly or frog. That is my New Year’s Knitolution. Perhaps I will finish it for Valentine’s Day–the colorway is a lovely red called Valentine.

These days, everyone with a blog and on Ravelry is making New Year’s Resolutions for knitters. I have been doing this for years, actually. Just look back and you’ll see.

Anyway, I had a successful knitting year. Here are some highlights: I finished many projects, including the Central Park Hoodie (which won first prize at the county fair), my first lace shawls–one of which was the Charlotte’s Web shawl out of several colors of Blue Moon Fiber Arts STR. I did my first fair isle with Fake Isle Hat and began a sweater for Amelia. I made two Tulip Sweaters (such a pretty pattern and I love the Dream in Color Classy it is made with), I completed a February Lady Sweater in my favorite green color of Dream in Color Classy. Since I am a new dog owner, I knitted three dog sweaters and will no doubt be making more. Spotsy is cooperating by shivering and generally hating the cold weather and thereby enabling me.

I finally took a finishing class, which was invaluable in helping me to make my sweaters look truly professional. I may even be able to do the dreaded Kitchener stitch after all.

What I won’t agree to do in 2009:
I can’t agree to not buy yarn. I just can’t, so I won’t even promise.
I won’t agree to give up chocolate. Why should I?
I won’t resolve to lose a large amount of weight. I can promise to work on it, especially with exercise.
I won’t decide to save money (although I should).
I won’t work more hours.
I won’t take things or my family for granted. I won’t give up spending time with them and with my sweet pets.

There you have it!
Happy belated 2009 to everyone. Knit on!


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