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Four Paws Up for “Hotel For Dogs”, a Feel Good Movie

Today, we went to see Hotel For Dogs. Mainly, we thought our 5-year-old daughter would like it, given that the previews showed lots of dogs running and having fun in an old hotel with some kids. DH and I were pleasantly surprised that the film had a decent story line with lots of great elements: kids in foster care saving dogs, sticking together for each other, and the social worker (played by Don Cheadle) saving the day (my favorite because I am a social worker!).

Some of my personal favorite parts featured the little boy’s inventions for entertaining and taking care of the dogs, and the duo of Lisa Kudrow and Kevin Dillon as the clueless foster-parents-aging-rock-star-wanna-bes (The more dashes the better!). My one and only criticism is there were NOT ENOUGH DACHSHUNDS, but it didn’t ruin the movie. I won’t spoil the ending for any of you, but if you like dogs, go see it!


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  Secret Pal 13 wrote @

That looked like a really cute movie – glad to know someone has seen it and recommends it!

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