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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. I have decided to try this instead of Blogger. Please bear with me as I become accustomed to it. So far, it is so much easier to use! As Martha Stewart says, it’s a good thing. I would love to know what you think!

I Am So Upset!

Somehow, I lost most of my graphics, buttons, do-dads, etc. on my blog today. I really don’t know how it happened. I’ll probably just have to live with this for awhile, then I might investigate WordPress or another blog service. Anybody have any suggestions?

I’m Somebody!

The new phone book is here! (What movie is that, film fans?)

I’m on Ravelry!!

My screen name: Yarnmaniac. It will take me awhile to get the lay of the land and put all my stuff in there, but I’ve already joined groups (I’m a joiner, at least online).

Check it out, if you are among the fortunate. I am excited!

I’ve Been Nominated!

Shucks, Isabelle, I’m so flattered, I’m speechless!

Well, almost. This is really nice, because I am never sure what people think of this blog. I know it is not wordy and descriptive like some. I guess I just don’t feel like the chronicles of my everyday life are all that interesting. But, I do like sharing my knitting and occasionally, my daughter and cats. I can see I get a lot of hits every day, but not lots of comments. This gives me the opportunity to ask: what would allow people to comment more? More knitting content? Please feel free to let me know!

Not sure who I can nominate who hasn’t been already, but I’ll work on this.

I am an over-achiever

Most people experience a “bad hair day” once in awhile. I am proud to say that I seem to have had an entire bad hair week. Then again, I do tend to over do things.


I am also pleased to see by my neo counter that I do have quite a bit more blog traffic than I thought, from all over the place, apparently. I hope people find it interesting/entertaining to visit. I don’t have the time or inclination to be a star blogger nor do I think my life is compelling enough to fill lots of bandwidth space, but I do like expressing myself online and meeting fellow knitters/parents/all around creative people.


I Learn to Link

Today, it is my goal to learn linkage. Paloma sent me a tutorial to help me do this. By George, I think I’ve got it!

This is cool. I think even an un-mechanical-minded gal like me might even figure out this blogging thing. (Wonder if anyone will read this?)

If you need a laugh, you gotta check out Stuff on my Cat dot com.
It is the funniest site ever!

PS: Today, I officially was signed up for sp8.
Wish I didn’t have to wait several weeks for it to start…..

Time to Resurrect This Blog!

Ok, I am going to learn this, I am determined! My new friend, Paloma, is encouraging me (Hi, Pal! Get it? HAHA).

Bear with me as I continue this blog’s construction. I plan to chronicle my knitting and crocheting activity, antics by Amelia, and various other ramblings.

Stay tuned!