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Amelia Wears the Tulip Sweater

Yay! Click to enlarge the cutie!


Another Hard-To-Resist Meme

Got this from Lick My Sticks, who is about to give birth any second, so I am amazed she even gives a crap about her blog right now.

1. Where were you ten years ago.

I had just graduated with my MSW less than a year before, working as a social worker doing home-based services, a fascinating but often unsavory job and peoples’ filthy houses. I also worked part time as a relief counselor at a transitional home for chronically mentally ill adults working overnight shifts. I was dating my now-husband and happy to have 2 cats (one of which I still have). I was probably celebrating my 36th birthday somewhere.

2. Five Things on Today’s To-Do List

Finished seaming Central Park Hoodie and pick up the dreaded stitches, touch up my roots, give Amelia a bath and do her toe-nails with blue nail polish, mow the dumb lawn, read some of my book (The Glass Castle).

3. Snacks You Enjoy

chocolate, tortilla chips, did I say chocolate?

4. Things I Would Do If I Were a Billionaire

Give lots of money to Barack Obama and causes I find important, pay off my mortgages (yes, I have two), buy my dd a good education and possibly a beach house, do the same work only part time and not charge people. Or maybe buy a sheep/alpaca/goat farm or yarn store/coffee and tea shop and retire!

5. Places I Have Lived

Arlington, VA, Alexandria, VA, Washington, DC, McLean, VA, Northampton, MA, Woodbridge, VA

6. Jobs I Have Had

Retail, Secretary at various places, social worker in various places, babysitter, preschool teacher, professional singer

7. Who I Would Like to Know More About

All y’all, and Dick Van Dyke

Much Needed Knitting Update

I promise not to cop out and put up another picture of either Amelia or the cats this post. It is tempting, because all three are so cute, but, I know I am overdue for a knitting update.

After finishing Charlotte’s Web, I began to plan its twin. This, after telling people I NEVER make a pattern more than once. Never say never, they say, and they are right, whoever they are. I fiddled around with the colors, even ordering yet more STR lightweight in even more yummy colors. I arrived at the following palette:

  • Nodding Violet
  • Mr. Greenjeans
  • Seastone
  • Fire on the Mountain
  • Dixie Chick

Now that I don’t have to rip out every other row, it is going fairly quickly. I am about to start the third color. I think I like this one even better, because the common color is green. I love me the green.

Central Park Hoodie has been the main focus of the knitting lately. I want to finish it to enter it in the county fair. I completed the main body for a finishing class I took a couple of weeks ago at the LYS. It was great! Not only did I learn all the various kinds of seaming, but I finally mastered Kitchener Stitch!!! That was mind-blowing in itself. Anyway, I have finished the hood and now just have the remaining sleeve and then the button band (which includes the hood), the seaming, and it will be DONE. This last sleeve is painfully boring, but I am alternating with the shawl above.

I hereby resolve that, the next sweater I make, I will knit the sleeves at the same time on one needle.

A Great Swap Haul-FCS3

This might be the best swap package I’ve received in recent memory. It was the Favorite Color Swap, my colors being purple, green and blue. Dee went to town! Cape Cod, to be exact. (I love the Cape, too).

There were cards:

There were Nice Smelling Things (Scented Oil Diffuser Thingie and soap inside a handmade cotton bag):

Sweet things to eat (Dark Chocolate Toffee Almonds and Green Tea Latte candies):

Handmade stitch markers:

Knitpicks YARN in the most fabulous of colors:

A pretty tea-for-one set:

An adorable handmade kitty and its bed (I love this, but Amelia claimed it):

And my favorites of all! Handspun/handyed yarn, a scarf she knitted out of more handspun in a pretty, lacy pattern, SHEEP and heart buttons and Knitpicks options needles in size 7. I have a set of these needles and I love them. I can always use more because I start so many projects at once.

Zing the cat is not quite sure what to make of Purple Kitty:

I am hereby spoiled rotten!


You Were Born Under:

Fierce and courageous – you are the king of every situation.
You pounce and attack, until others give you want you want.Daring and magnetic, you inspire others to follow your lead.

And while you’re wild at heart, you have some hidden soft spots.You are most compatible with a Horse or Dog.

What Year Were You Born Under?

Fun With Cats

This was fun. I put in the word WHISKERS into the tag of the mosaic maker on Flickr. Mostly cats, but there is a cute seal, too. Try it!

The Underappreciated Felines Get a Pic

Here they are, Simon and Zing, holding down the area rug in the computer room: