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Bowling for Noro



Four days ago, it was 19 degrees with 5 inches of snow. Today, there is little left but the memory–it was 76 degrees! Amelia went to her friend’s birthday party at the bowling alley; her first time bowling. Here is an action shot.

spotsycouchSpotsy prefers the couch, although we did take a nice long walk today.

Oh, and I made a Noro Hat. The picture doesn’t do the Noro Kureyon #229 justice, but I am using it again in the next project. I am addicted!

Four Paws Up for “Hotel For Dogs”, a Feel Good Movie

Today, we went to see Hotel For Dogs. Mainly, we thought our 5-year-old daughter would like it, given that the previews showed lots of dogs running and having fun in an old hotel with some kids. DH and I were pleasantly surprised that the film had a decent story line with lots of great elements: kids in foster care saving dogs, sticking together for each other, and the social worker (played by Don Cheadle) saving the day (my favorite because I am a social worker!).

Some of my personal favorite parts featured the little boy’s inventions for entertaining and taking care of the dogs, and the duo of Lisa Kudrow and Kevin Dillon as the clueless foster-parents-aging-rock-star-wanna-bes (The more dashes the better!). My one and only criticism is there were NOT ENOUGH DACHSHUNDS, but it didn’t ruin the movie. I won’t spoil the ending for any of you, but if you like dogs, go see it!

Spotsy’s New Sweater

I needed a small project in between some long-ish ones, so I made a quick sweater for my dog. The cheap acrylic Bernat Softee Chunky in twisted green and blue hues fit the bill nicely. Dogs are great, because they will wear anything you put on them! ms-11

A Play Date for Spotsy

Todd, Amelia and I attended a playdate with Spotsy at the nearby Dachshund Meetup. It was lots of fun for dogs and people. Todd and Spotsy even got to try some agility. As usual, click to enlarge THE WIENERS.







Happy Halloweenie!

We did it! We got a weenie dog, named Spotsy. He is named for Spotsylvania, VA, where he was found, and for his spotted appearance. We worked with Dachshund Rescue of North America, a fantastic organization. Spotsy is very sweet and affectionate, loves to cuddle and be with his people. He has visited the office a couple of times already. I’ve already knit him a stylin’ sweater, which he likes, because he is always cold.

Amelia missed her party at school because she was sick, but did go trick or treating as Dorothy from the Wizard of “Boz”.

My Office Goes to the Dogs

Diamond came to see me on Friday. She looks big and ferocious, but she obviously isn’t. After pacing around and smelling everything, she promptly dug out everything and got under my desk. I think she needs Prozac.

We Attend Our First Wiener Festival!

Saturday we were fortunate to attend the Doxie Phest: the Mid-Atlantic Dachshund Festival! There were lots of great events; a costume contest, races, vendors, adoptions, agility, food, something for everyone. And, of course, wiener dogs everywhere! They were so cute, I think there might be a dachshund in our future. The cats will hate us, but they’ll get over it.

Check out the pictures! The one of the race has a funny story: that little guy ran fast way up almost to the finish, then ran back to the start, so he didn’t win! The others kind of dallied at the beginning and so there was no winner to the race.

It is evident doxie owners are very proud of their doggies, and some even wheel them around in little strollers. I learned there are three sizes, and three kinds of hair (smooth, long, and wire). There are all colors, too. I am partial to the red or lighter colored ones. We’ll see!