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The Best Valentine’s Day…

…with all my favorite things! Jewelry : DH gave me a pair of pearl drop earrings (I had just been looking for a pair online yesterday!) Unfortunately, the pictures didn’t turn out. Have you ever tried to take a photo of your own ear? You’ll have to trust me, they are perfect.

Chocolate: DD gave me some chocolate and a little bear,


but my favorite present was this homemade valentine:



Since this is a day of my favorite things (raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens notwithstanding), it included yarn.

I have been working faithfully on Oblique, non-characteristically sticking to one project mainly because I really want a new sweater to wear. However, Vicki Square wrote in the new Interweave Knits “Knit anything and everything you want…” Well, then! That’s all I needed to hear. I’ve been resisting casting on for more projects, so I queued up two. Pro Bono in Storm Moon Knits Celestial Bulky in the colorway Crocodile Rock is first. I really only have one hat I like to wear these days, so I’m going to enjoy having a new hat.


I know I said I was swearing off green, but I can quit any time I want, I tell you! Please don’t call Intervention.

Of course, the best part of Valentine’s Day is my little sweetheart of a girl. Here she is at her party at school yesterday. Parties are the bomb for 5 year olds.


Happy Valentine’s Day to All

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Our Vacation

We spent most of last week at Virginia Beach. Here are some highlights:

Amelia enjoying the water:

Petting stingrays at the aquarium:

Being eaten by a “shark”:

Posing outside a joint called The Raven:

Our new family member, Stripey:

I’m kind of embarrassed by this last one. On a rainy day we went to the mall and happened into Build A Bear. Duh. We got suckered into decided to allow Amelia to choose a pet and she chose this zebra with pirate pajamas. And roller skates. And a leash. I guess he’ll want a college education, too. That’s about the only thing those Build A Bear people don’t sell you. Yes, Amelia loved it. She also loved the 50 cent VHS movies we bought at the thrift store. Note to self:  next time, do the thrift shop first.

All in all, a good vacation. I visited yarn stores in VA Beach as usual. I went to the Hook and I and the Yarn Basket. I especially like going to the Knitting Corner to see my favorite yarn store lady, Ruth. This year, I also went to Coordinated Colors in Yorktown, VA. They had a very extensive selection of brands.

Communing With Nature

Today, we went to the Wings of Fancy live butterfly exhibit at Brookland Gardens in Maryland. Amelia’s aunts took us. It was fun to see all the different butterflies and learn about them. Did you know butterflies gather essential nutrients from rocks and sand? They can taste through their feet. They also fed on overripe fruit, in addition to the gorgeous flowers that were there. It was like being in a magical fairy land. I liked the intricate patterns on the wings. They reminded me of delicate lace.

Wives, Take Note!

Who knew that the seventh wedding anniversary means wool or copper? I sure didn’t, but dh did! On our seventh anniversary (today) he presented me with two skeins of Koigu and a citrine necklace (to symbolize the copper). You must agree there would be plenty of husbands who would take the opportunity to throw a penny at their wives and forget about the wool. Dh knows better, and that’s among the reasons why I’ve loved him for 30 years.

Light a Virtual Candle for the VA Tech Shootings

Today is the one year anniversary. Light a virtual candle here.

Our Mini Vacation

First we’re going here, then we are going here for my family reunion!