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Thiz Is Too Gud To Pass Up


A Nice Surprise!

sp13I received a nice box of goodies from my Secret Pal (13) today.  Everything was wrapped and presented so well. It was also more of a “winter” theme than actual xmas, which suits me very well. My friends know I tolerate xmas but it is not my favorite holiday. Amelia “helped” me open the gifts because she heard that some of them were intended for her. I was happy to receive a nifty ball of Lanaloft wool, and a green one at that. There was a cool little bag with a frog on it that said “going green” on it with a little pad of post-its and a pen. A container of little candy canes Amelia will help me consume. A box of Tension Tamer Tea which I already need from work stress this week (clients are all escalating in time for the holiday). Amelia got a Polly Pocket activity book and new crayons! She also got two pairs of holiday socks and two “magic towels.” There was a little 2 year datebook which Amelia claimed and already found her birthday and started writing in it.


Thanks Secret Pal! It was such a treat to get this package.

My Office Goes to the Dogs

Diamond came to see me on Friday. She looks big and ferocious, but she obviously isn’t. After pacing around and smelling everything, she promptly dug out everything and got under my desk. I think she needs Prozac.

Another Hard-To-Resist Meme

Got this from Lick My Sticks, who is about to give birth any second, so I am amazed she even gives a crap about her blog right now.

1. Where were you ten years ago.

I had just graduated with my MSW less than a year before, working as a social worker doing home-based services, a fascinating but often unsavory job and peoples’ filthy houses. I also worked part time as a relief counselor at a transitional home for chronically mentally ill adults working overnight shifts. I was dating my now-husband and happy to have 2 cats (one of which I still have). I was probably celebrating my 36th birthday somewhere.

2. Five Things on Today’s To-Do List

Finished seaming Central Park Hoodie and pick up the dreaded stitches, touch up my roots, give Amelia a bath and do her toe-nails with blue nail polish, mow the dumb lawn, read some of my book (The Glass Castle).

3. Snacks You Enjoy

chocolate, tortilla chips, did I say chocolate?

4. Things I Would Do If I Were a Billionaire

Give lots of money to Barack Obama and causes I find important, pay off my mortgages (yes, I have two), buy my dd a good education and possibly a beach house, do the same work only part time and not charge people. Or maybe buy a sheep/alpaca/goat farm or yarn store/coffee and tea shop and retire!

5. Places I Have Lived

Arlington, VA, Alexandria, VA, Washington, DC, McLean, VA, Northampton, MA, Woodbridge, VA

6. Jobs I Have Had

Retail, Secretary at various places, social worker in various places, babysitter, preschool teacher, professional singer

7. Who I Would Like to Know More About

All y’all, and Dick Van Dyke

A Nice Surprise

Once in awhile, I get a nice surprise at work. Today, I received some mini-daffodils. I don’t feel well, so this tiny bit of spring cheer is just what I needed.